5 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Self Storage

By usmanidrees

5 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Self Storage

Having a storage unit can truly be a game-changer. It is a great way to improve your quality of life and relieve stress. A storage unit should be looked at as an investment in your space and sanity. Whether you are a business owner or just need extra space at your New Jersey home, having more space outside of your everyday environment can solve a lot of problems.

Keeping your storage organized and clutter-free is key to maximizing your space and using your storage unit to its fullest potential. With that being said, it is worth putting in the extra time to determine the best method to pack and store your belongings. Depending on the size of your unit, you may not have a ton of space so why not make the most of what you have?

Organizing is not something that comes easy to everyone, so we are sharing our five secret techniques on how to improve your storage unit in New Jersey.


Leave A Path

Being able to access your belongings is very important so use whatever room you have to create a small path. Having a path will make it easier for moving your items in and out without a hassle. You want your visitors to your storage unit to feel pleasant. You should feel relieved to have a place to store your belongings. Imagine the stress and anxiety you will feel walking into a unit that is completely packed with little room to move.


Clean As You Go

It does not matter if you are storing things for the long term or short term, by making a point to clean and organize your storage unit every time you visit, you can save yourself time and energy in the future. The more you keep things clean, the more you will have potential room for growth.


Hanging vs. Boxing

The first thing people purchase to store items is usually boxes. Have you ever considered hangings things instead? Using hooks to hang certain things like jackets, other clothing, fabrics, and decorations can free up a lot of floor space. They even make great hooks that are easy to hang and remove.


Vertical Storage

Piggybacking off our previous point, hanging things and stacking your storage unit is a great solution for the organization. Experts always say that adding shelves to space can go a long way. Pile up boxes and furniture when you can to take advantage of all the space you have.


Make A Spreadsheet

If you stay organized from the start, you will not have to worry about losing track of things. Take inventory of what you are storing and write it out on a spreadsheet so that you can manage what is staying, going, and being thrown away.

If you are ready to invest in a storage unit, make sure you give us a call. Do not waste another day living with unwanted clutter and book a storage unit at StorageBlue today. At our facilities, we put our customers first and promise to treat your belongings as if they were our own.

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