Advice for Older Adults Moving

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Advice for Older Adults Moving

For many people, there comes a time, as they get older when they feel the need to downsize for one reason or another. Perhaps you’d like to be closer to family, maintaining a large home is a burden, or you are trying to lower your cost of living. As we get older, our lifestyle changes and calls for different needs. Having a large home with stairs may no longer be suitable for your lifestyle, so now it’s time to decide how you’ll move.

If you’re an older adult planning to move, it’s always great to have support from the start so you can have a support system. Whatever the reason for your move, we’re here to give you tips on how to effectively downsize, declutter, and move into a storage unit while moving out of your Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Brooklyn, or Jersey City.


Planning the Move

An important part of downsizing is figuring out what type of smaller space works for you. You should try to determine which living environment works best for the slower-paced lifestyle you foresee for yourself. Whether it is a smaller home, moving into a spare bedroom in a family member’s home, or a senior independent living or assisted living community, there are various options available to cater for your needs.

Once you determine which environment works best for you, it’s time to take inventory of your possessions. Although it is hard to part with pieces that may hold sentimental value, they may not be suitable for the new environment; taking inventory of your pieces can help assess what to bring, what to store off-site, and what to sell or toss. Downsizing your furniture is also helpful during this process; your home may be able to accommodate a large and wide armoire, but your new space may only be able to fit one that is half the size.

Having a self-storage unit comes in handy whenever you’re planning a move. It gives you an opportunity to decide what’s worth taking, what’s worth keeping, and what can go into storage. Consider it your backup plan. It never hurts to have a storage unit if you live in Jersey City or Lower Manhattan.


Assistance in Moving

Moving is rarely a one-person job. The way to get it done efficiently is to ask for help, whether it is through hiring a moving service or involving family and friends in the process. People can help in packing boxes (which usually should be up to 50 lbs., but if you cannot support that then we suggest packing them to be no heavier than 30 lbs.) so that moving in feels seamless and easy. It’s important to always be safe and steer on the lighter side instead of overloading your box.

Create an organized moving plan with whoever is assisting; determine the timeframe you’d like to move out, how to approach each room, and how to get rid of the pieces that will not be coming to the new living space. Getting rid of the excess furniture and items could mean donating them to those in need, selling them online (if the piece is of value and in sellable condition), or giving them to those around you. There are many eco-friendly ways to dispose of furniture, clothes, and antiques during the moving process.

If you book a storage unit at StorageBlue, you can have assistance with your belongings. Our contactless delivery offers customers the chance to have help bringing their items from their business or home to our storage facility. Save yourself time, energy, and money by taking advantage of this service. We even offer U-Haul trucks for rent if you can handle moving your items yourself.


Storing Items during Relocation

When moving, you may find there are items that you are not ready to part ways with but are also not right for your new living environment. A storage unit is a great way to prevent clutter in your new space while also keeping your pieces safe and secure. Moving can be a lot to take on at once, so why not break up the process by storing your belongings? Especially if you’re downsizing and moving into a condo or apartment in Lower Manhattan, it might be a good idea to find cheap storage nearby.

You should check out StorageBlue for your storage needs if you live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Our Jersey City facility is in a great convenient location, and we even offer special discounts for senior citizens to help you save money. Spend the rest of your retirement enjoying yourself rather than stressing about your belongings. We can help set you up in a storage unit today; just check us out online or in-person for more information on special deals and discounts.

StorageBlue is proud to offer self-storage units to the Jersey City areas including SoHo, Journal Square, The Heights, and Greenville. Our deals can’t be beaten; we have the best prices for storage units. Not only that, but we provide the best service. You’ll feel safe knowing your items are secure and protected. Give us a call today and find out how to secure your storage unit.

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