Choosing The Right Size Cheap Storage Unit

By usmanidrees

Choosing The Right Size Cheap Storage Unit

One of the best things about having a storage unit is that they come in all different sizes. From a two-bedroom apartment to a small office, you can find the perfect unit for you. However, choosing can be difficult if you haven’t decided exactly how much space you need. Lucky for you, you’ve got options. Even if you end up with a bit more space than you need, it gives you room to grow for the future.

The size of your storage unit will also depend on how you’ll use it; if you’re looking for short-term storage, then you may prefer something on the smaller side. Or maybe you’re looking for long-term storage and need a large storage unit instead. No matter what your situation, a cheap storage unit is a great solution to your storage problem. Here’s how to determine how to choose the right size storage unit.


Know The Storage Sizes

Wherever you decide to storage your basic belongings, make sure you know the unit sizes they’re offering. The most common sizes you’ll see are 5×5, 5×10, 5×15, 10×10, and 10×20. To put things into perspective, a 5×5 unit is good for extra closet space by being the perfect size to fit several boxes and clothing. A larger unit like a 10×10 is one of the most popular sizes because of its versatile layout. You can fit just anything in this size space.


Take Inventory

The first step is to get an idea of how much space you need. Are you moving large furniture? Are you moving small items like paperwork? Take the time to go through your home or office to access everything you have. Mark items with post-it notes as you survey your space to decide what can leave and what can stay. It would help if you had a basic idea of the size of the items you need to store.


Consider Going One Size Bigger

If, after taking a survey, you’re still unsure about sizing, don’t feel pressured about making the right decision. It’s hard to know exactly how much space you need without truly knowing how much stuff you’ll be storing. If you’re lucky enough to find a cheap storage unit, then spending a little extra for a large size never hurts.

Now that you have a better understanding of sizing, you should feel more prepared to find the perfect storage unit for you. If you need guidance on where to find cheap storage in New Jersey, then start with StorageBlue. We are the best-of-the-best around with affordable storage facilities in Jersey City and all over.

At StorageBlue, we have the perfect storage unit for you. No other storage facility in New Jersey can beat our prices. Our customers come from the tri-state area – New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut – to get top-notch service at an affordable. With facilities in Jersey City, Garfield, Union City, Newark, and Hoboken, StorageBlue has a reputation for providing cheap storage units in Jersey City and the surrounding area. We are very proud to provide our community with cheap storage units.

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