Four Ways To Approach Storage For Your Staten Island Home

By usmanidrees

Four Ways To Approach Storage For Your Staten Island Home

Staten Island is a hidden gem. Since it can appear to be isolated from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, it is often referred to as “The Forgotten Borough”. Don’t let the nickname fool you. With a home on Staten Island, you’ll pay cheaper rent, and have more space, all while having quick access to New Jersey and the other boroughs. Even if you’re downsizing, you can have a great home and use a storage unit near Staten Island for your extra belongings.

If you’re a new homeowner or moving into a new apartment, storage solutions are probably at the top of your mind. That’s why we suggest sticking to these four strategies for storage in State Island. There are many common storage mistakes people make and we want to help you to avoid them by preparing yourself.


Analyze Your Space

If your home doesn’t have extra space like a basement, garage, or extra bedroom then you’ll have to get creative on storage. Sometimes there’s only so much shelving and containers that you can store in your home. While Staten Island offers some great housing options, having a backup plan is always helpful.


Find Somewhere Easily Accessible

You know what they say, location is everything. This applies to your home and potential storage unit near Staten Island. Wherever you decide to store your stuff it needs to be easily accessible. Driving a car is one of the quickest ways to get around. Imagine how simple it will be to visit your storage unit on your own time.


Research Storage Units

It’s important to know what storage facilities are in Staten Island and the surrounding area. Start your research early by driving around the neighborhood and checking out the internet to find potential storage facilities near Staten Island. We’ll get you started on your research by sharing some of the awesome features we offer! If you reserve online, you can get one month of free and curbside pickup – and it doesn’t stop there. If you’re concerned about health and safety, take advantage of our free contactless services.


Make A Decision

Try not to get overwhelmed by the process. Start off with these tips to help you make the best decision for yourself or your family. Does this storage facility offer deal? Do they have good rates for the space I need? Do they provide other services besides storage? All important questions you’ll want to answer before making a final decision.

Deciding to book at StorageBlue can be one of the best decisions to make. The services and support we can provide will be better than any Staten Island storage facility. We proudly serve the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas with storage solutions for personal and business needs. For long-term or short-term storage needs, our goal is to provide customers with amazing service and secure storage facilities.

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