Great Storage Tips For Apartment Renters

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Great Storage Tips For Apartment Renters

Apartment renters can experience challenges when it comes to organizing. When your space is limited, it’s up to you to figure out what’s functional for you. If you’re single, you would probably organize your home completely differently than a young couple with a newborn. In both cases, you can end up accumulating clutter in your apartment if it’s a small space. We want you to create a space you love, so it’s important to master your storage.

Living in New York City, you learn that apartments come in different shapes and sizes. Each building has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to prioritize what’s important. If being close to your job is important, you may settle for a small apartment on the Lower East Side. You can make any space livable from small studio spaces to spacious two-bedroom apartments. Your home should be your sanctuary, somewhere to come home and feel most comfortable.

We understand why apartment renters in New York City and the surrounding area always explore cheap storage solutions. These are our storage tips that any apartment renter can appreciate.


Use your storage unit

You’re already ahead of the game if you have a storage unit. Whether you were a previous apartment renter or downsizing your home, if you already have a storage unit, we advise you to continue renting it for your storage needs. Depending on how much space you need, you can even downsize your storage unit or move into a bigger one. No matter where you live in the city, having a storage unit can always be useful. With a storage unit near Manhattan, you can move all around the city, knowing your items are safe and sound.


Find a short-term storage solution

Having family or friends nearby to help with storage may not be an option for everyone. While it would be great to have a place to keep your items, having a backup plan is just as important. That’s the great thing about a storage unit; you can rent the right amount of space for however long you need. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a long-term contract. Say you only need a storage unit for the first year of adjusting to moving into your New York City apartment. You could also be in the opposite situation where you need a storage unit as you’re moving out. You don’t realize just how helpful having a storage unit is until you have one.


Utilize the space you have

It may seem like common sense but learning to use the space you have is also key. Organizing can bring out your creative side as you explore different angles, corners, and rooms for the perfect place for your items. Renting an apartment, you may not have the luxury of having an attic, garage, or basement. It might seem harder to figure out where everything should go without those spaces. Don’t stress! Many business owners and residents choose to rent storage units to solve the problem. Making use of your space can also save you money on renting your storage unit. If you know exactly how many items you must store, you won’t have to spend money renting an oversize unit.


Master how to store your shoes

This is for the shoe lovers out there; it’s important to find the right way to store your shoes. While you may want to keep the boxes, that’s an easy way to waste space. The bulky boxes take up a lot of room under the bed or in the closet to figure out another place for them. For those sneaker collectors and high-heel lovers, you can store those extra precious pairs of shoes in a storage unit. Use plastic storage to keep them sealed and protected. They’ll be safer in your storage unit if you don’t wear them often.


Create an inventory list of your precious belongings

Even if you have a small amount of space, it can be easy to lose track of your belongings. One easy way to prevent this is by keeping an inventory of your belongings, especially your precious items. This can include clothing, jewelry, and family heirlooms that might not be a fit for your apartment.


Invest in a cheap self-storage unit

This is our favorite tip to share with first-time apartment renters. Don’t risk losing out on the apartment of your dreams due to lack of storage. Remember, you can make it work! Of course, that doesn’t mean renting the smallest apartment you can find, but you can have peace of mind renting an apartment knowing that your space problem can easily be solved by renting a storage unit.

Sign your lease happily, knowing that you have a self-storage unit at StorageBlue. It doesn’t matter if you live in Lower Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Jersey City; there’s a StorageBlue location that’s perfect for you. All StorageBlue locations are easily accessible and are great storage solutions for anyone looking for affordable storage units near Lower Manhattan.


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