How Self-Storage Can Help Your Bad Hoarding Habits

By usmanidrees

How Self-Storage Can Help Your Bad Hoarding Habits

We’re all guilty of holding onto certain things longer than we should. Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning it can be anything from the mail on your counter to the pile of clothes that end up all over your bedroom. Whatever the circumstance is, self-storage is a great way to help break your hoarding habits and help you make better organizing habits.

A lot of people are overwhelmed by the thought of having to declutter. They think about their belongings and find a reason to hold onto everything. Hoarders prefer to avoid the task altogether, which causes things to pile up quickly. Even if you had no intentions of becoming a hoarder, it could easily happen if you lived in a small space in New York or New Jersey.

Are you a frequent shopper at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, or do you make a lot of trips to the Cosco in Bayonne? When you’re always out buying things, you eventually might run out of storage space. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid being a hoarder in your self-storage unit.


Start with a small storage unit

Have you reached a point where your clutter is driving you crazy? Chances are you’re probably stressed and overwhelmed because you don’t have a plan. Believe it or not, you don’t need a big unit, or you’ll be tempted to hoard there. Instead, you can start by renting a small locker or a unit that’s the size of a closet.


It will motivate you to declutter

Once you have a storage unit, you’ll have more peace of mind. You might be less tempted to let your belongings pile up, knowing you have another space for them outside your home. While it can be tempting to want to throw in everything at once and lock up your storage, try to resist the urge. Take it slow and ease into your storage unit, so it doesn’t become another junk-filled space.


Allows you to plan for the future

Having a lot of clutter can be a distraction. It’s hard to focus on what’s ahead if all your belongings are holding you down. Self-storage provides you with more freedom and flexibility. Ask anyone who lives in New York County, Hudson County, or Union County why they rent storage units. A self-storage unit can help improve your lifestyle and make a happier home. Spend your free time making memories with your family instead of cleaning and organizing.

Are you now convinced that you could use a self-storage unit? It can drastically change your hoarding habits for the better. At StorageBlue, we have the best low-priced storage units in Hudson County and the surrounding area. We always suggest customers start by checking out our Jersey City location because of its location. It’s near downtown Manhattan, West New York, and Weehawken, just to name a few towns nearby. You can easily get to the location by car or by using public transportation. Visit us online, in person, or give us to call to find out about availability.

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