How To Avoid A Stressful Moving Experience

By usmanidrees

How To Avoid A Stressful Moving Experience

For the most part, moving can be pretty stressful. While yes, it is an exciting experience filled with new beginnings, the getting-your-stuff-together part is not always as fun. Especially during a time like this when we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not just the safety of your items you have to think about, but also yourself as you practice safe social distancing.

Do not let anxiety get the best of you during your next move. Follow these steps to reduce your stress during your move.


Make a Game Plan

You know what they say – when you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Creating a checklist to help keep yourself on the task will help alleviate your stress.  Often times we underestimate how much time it will take us to pack our belongings and we get stuck doing things at the last minute. With a checklist, this can be avoided. Help keep yourself accountable while keeping track of your progress.


Schedule A Break

This may be something you overlook so make sure you do not skip this step. You do not want to burn yourself out while you are moving. By taking breaks in between packing, it will help maintain your sanity. While moving is a big priority, so is your health during this time.


Hire Professionals

Doing it all yourself always sounds great in theory. While it may be a good way to save money, the stress that comes from doing it all may not be worth it. Instead, recruit friends, family, and a moving company if possible.

At StorageBlue, we can make moving easier and stress-free during this time. Right now, we are allowing customers to take advantage of a no-contact pickup, or we can send movers to help you move everything. That should be music to your ears if you are moving right now! Check out our website and learn more about how we can assist you with getting a self-storage unit. 

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