How To Get Your Basement Organized

By usmanidrees

How To Get Your Basement Organized

Did you miss your chance to clear out your basement while you were spring cleaning? The beginning of the summer is always a good time to check things out and take inventory of what’s in your basement. Not all homes come with a basement but for residents in New York and New Jersey, many homes have full-sized basements. Some people opt to use them as extra living quarters, while others use their basements more for storage. The reality is, that your basement can easily fill up with junk, so getting your things organized is extremely important.  

Just because you have a basement doesn’t mean you should just throw everything down there. You don’t want to lose track of what you’re storing because that’s an easy way to develop clutter. The more things you accumulate in your basement, the more space you’re losing out on. Not many people get excited about cleaning, especially their basement, but it’s a task most homeowners will face. The more planning you put into it, the more you’ll feel motivated and inspired to get it done.

If you’ve reached a point where you can see all your belongings piling up, then it’s time to revisit how you’re using your basement. Continue reading to hear about how you can keep your basement organized and clutter-free.


Take inventory of your basement

For homes in the tri-state area, having a basement can be a luxury. Your basement is the perfect place to use for storage so as you’re decluttering, take inventory of what you currently have in your basement. Are you using it for seasonal clothing? Are you storing your holiday décor? Do you have old items you can’t seem to get rid of? Whatever it is, make sure you know exactly what’s in your basement. This will make the organizing process so much easier.


Make it a weekend project

Don’t stress yourself out during the week trying to tackle the task of organizing your basement. Your schedule is probably already filled with other errands and chores, so cleaning up your basement can be saved for the weekend. If anything, spend your week organizing other parts of your home so that by the time you get to your basement, you’ll already feel a sense of accomplishment. You can then divide up the weekends and clean at your own pace. First, you can start with inventory, then sort everything into boxes, and before you know it, your basement will feel organized in no time. Should you need additional space for organizing, that’s when you look into storage facilities nearby in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark to store anything that doesn’t fit in your basement.


Know what should be thrown away instead of storing

Try not to get into the habit of just throwing everything into the basement. For example, say you’re looking to replace the couch in your living room. Only consider placing the old one in the basement if you currently don’t have one. Otherwise, it would probably be best to sell, donate, or throw it away. It can be tempting to keep extra things around because you have the space but think about if it really makes sense to hold onto them. The more things you allow to pile up in your basement, the more space you’ll lose out on. Especially if you don’t have a full-sized basement, which is something that might be common for those living in New York City. Consider storing less in your basement and looking for a storage facility outside of New York to use instead. With a storage unit at a StorageBlue location in Jersey City or Hoboken, you’ll be able to access your unit easily at your convenience while also saving money.


Hire professionals to clear out your basement

While this might not be in everyone’s budget, if you can afford professional help, we highly suggest it. For a lot of homes, hoarding often starts in the basement so if you can address what’s going on there, it can help you organize your entire home. Making room in your basement will allow your home to have more space all over. Professionals can come in and help clear out your basement from top to bottom. Sometimes having extra support is just what you need if you don’t have family or friends to rely on. These special services will help your cleaning process flow a lot easier.

If you hire professionals, it would be great to have a storage unit to bring your items to. Should you need storage while you’re clearing out your basement, StorageBlue is the perfect choice for you. We provide self-storage units for residents and business owners all over New York City and New Jersey looking for affordable self-storage in New Jersey.

Looking for extra space can be made easy with StorageBlue. From Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn and Staten Island, our customers come from all over because they know we have some of the best storage facilities out there. Our closest location to the city is in Hoboken and is perfect for residents in Manhattan who need a storage unit. Check us out today, we’d be happy to provide a self-storage solution for you.

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