How To Master Closet Organization With Self-storage

By usmanidrees

How To Master Closet Organization With Self-storage

There’s nothing like a good closet upgrade or cleanse! Adding or updating a closet in any home can make a huge difference in storage. While organizing might seem like a never-ending task, getting your closet together is always something so satisfying. One of the best ways to stay organized is to evaluate your closet space and see how you can make room for more.

At some point, everyone must think about closet storage. It doesn’t matter if you’re single with a closet all to yourself or a mother with two children sharing a closet. Whether it’s your laundry room, bedroom, or hallway closet, it’s great to have a system to keep your closet clutter-free. We want you to understand how easy it can be to organize your closet if you have a self-storage unit. It’s simple, easy, and cheap, and you should keep reading to find out more.   


Perfect for seasonal items

Most New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut residents experience all four seasons and must ensure their wardrobe reflects the region. It can take a while to get used to the frigid winters and humid summers, but the tri-state area has some of the best weather. With that said, layered clothing for the winter can be bulky. A closet filled with coats, boots, and accessories can take up a lot of space. You can get rid of that heavy winter clothing during the summer by rotating your closet with clothes as you need them.


Extra room for your designer and vintage clothing

For all the fashionistas out there, you probably see your closet as a place filled with hidden treasures. With a closet filled with so many unique pieces, deciding what to keep and get rid of can be hard. Having a storage unit takes the pressure off having to make any permanent decisions with your clothing. That means all those vintage designer bags and shoes you’ve been collecting can live safely in your storage unit until you decide where to go. Imagine how much room you’ll save by giving these items a safe place to be stored.


Use plastic bins and labels for organization

We love talking about organization, and if you’re going to upgrade and straighten out your closet, then make sure you’re keeping tabs on everything. Label your clothing, shoes, and accessories based on categories and make sure everything is sorted accordingly. We like plastic bins because, unlike cardboard boxes, they are sturdier and will protect your items.


Take care of your clothes

The point of storing your clothes is not to just toss and lock them away in your storage unit. There’s maintenance that comes along with it to prevent any permanent damage. For example, folding your clothes every year or two is essential so you don’t get permanent crease marks. It’s a good idea to wash your clothes before storing them to ensure everything is fresh. Do your best to keep your clothing protected from any water damage, pests, or dust.

If you’re going through a closet cleanse and it’s time to get a storage unit, check out StorageBlue and our Staten Island location. Just minutes away from the Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bride, and Verrazzano Bridge, it’s so easy to get to Staten Island from all over. Your business could be in Staten Island and your home in New Jersey, and you can access everything you need in no time with a storage unit at StorageBlue. 

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