How To Protect Your Classic Car In Storage

By usmanidrees

How To Protect Your Classic Car In Storage

There might be many reasons that led you to decide to store your beautiful classic car. Whether you want it stored away for the winter or maybe you need a long-term period, there might be some steps you should take before locking your car away. While classic cars are great collector items, the maintenance required to keep them preserved is extremely important. 

With winter approaching, we have great tips if you are looking to store your classic car.


Know Your Car Insurance Policy

Before storing your car, it is important to check what your current insurance policy is. Most storage facilities will ask for proof of insurance so it is important that you have this covered. If you do not, consider getting quotes from a few different companies in order to select the option that works best for you.


Detail Your Car

Keeping your car clean on the inside and outside is extremely important. Do not let dirt, salt, or other materials mess up your car’s exterior. Before sending your car to storage, make sure you give your car the attention it deserves. 


Get The Right Accessories

You might think driving your car into self-storage is an easy process but going the extra mile and getting the right accessories will make a difference. For example, wheel blocks and jack stands will help your car stay in place without causing any damage. Another suggestion would be to get a custom cover that protects your car from dust and dirt. 


Do Not Neglect Your Car

Even though your car is sitting in storage instead of your driveway, do not forget to check on your car every so often. You will want to make sure the engine is still functioning and that there are no leaks. Popping in and taking your car for a drive will help reassure you that your car is doing well stored away!

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