How to Reduce Spreading Germs and Getting Sick

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How to Reduce Spreading Germs and Getting Sick

For the past couple of weeks COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, has been the focus of many headlines. What started across the world in Wuhan, China has now affected many countries and has been officially ruled a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Since then, companies have closed their doors and encouraged employees to work from home to avoid putting themselves at risk. Italy has shut down, and many events and destinations around the world like Coachella, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and Disney have been suspended, postponed, or closed.

As we prepare to reduce our exposure and chance of contracting the disease, it is important to be aware of the many germs that live everywhere and can be brought into our homes. We are here to give you a few tips on how to reduce your risk of getting sick.


Disinfecting Your Home

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, there are many high-touch areas where germs live. This disease is known for clinging onto surfaces and staying with you on your clothes, shoes, and even cell phone so it is important to wipe down essential high-traffic surfaces in your home. Some of these places include doorknobs, countertops, and other handles where microorganisms can live on surfaces for many hours.


Washing Your Hands

According to the CDC, washing your hands vigorously for 20 seconds with soap and water will help do the trick. So that means, as soon as you walk inside your home, you should head straight for the sink to wash your hands. It is also important to wash your hands before preparing food, eating, and using the bathroom. Hand sanitizer is always a great backup to have, but make sure it has at least 60% alcohol.


Practice Social Distancing

Research shows social distancing can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. On a daily basis, it is important to be aware of who you surround yourself with and the number of people you expose yourself to. If possible, avoid being out in the world unless you are picking up food or during an emergency.

While some may not take this seriously and do not see the need to take precautions, we advise everyone to know the facts and understand how you can help avoid the spread of this awful pandemic. For more information on COVID-19 visit


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