Relocating To NYC With A Family

By usmanidrees

Relocating To NYC With A Family

Raising a family in New York City is very different from growing up in the suburbs. From the city landscape to its diversity, it can be a great experience for families, and they’ll fall in love with all the tri-state area has to offer. Composed of five unique boroughs, there are plenty of options for you to settle on if you’re ready to relocate with your family. Each place has its charm, and Staten Island has captured our hearts.

Staten Island could be a great place to call home if you’re looking for a home to give you more space at an affordable price. Whether you’re a single parent or moving with your spouse and kids, these are our best tips to help you adjust to moving to the city.


Accept that you’re not in the suburbs

Even though New York neighbors New Jersey, its suburbs are very different from New Jersey. While there is grass, homes with basements, and garages, it’s not quite the size you might be expecting. One of the tradeoffs of moving to the city is the cost of living. It’s a well-known fact that living in New York City is expensive. You can catch a slight break moving to Staten Island but be prepared to pay city prices even if you might feel like you live in the suburbs.


Go for the place that’s within your budget

We all have a budget we try to stick to when moving. So many times during our apartment hunt, we find the place of our dreams that’s unfortunately way out of our price range. We always think it’s best to stick to getting a place you can afford so you can put your money towards other necessities. Even if that means spending a little extra on a monthly storage unit, it can be worth it if you find a nice apartment at a reasonable price, and you can find a self-storage to store anything that might not fit in your apartment.


Choose wisely on what to pack

Moving to a new place is always the perfect reason for a cleanse. Part ways with your inner pack rat and learn to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. Don’t feel obligated to move everything into your new home immediately. If you can’t move at a slow pace, then renting a cheap self-storage unit can come in handy. As you’re moving, if you can’t decide what to keep, sell, or donate, you can keep them safe in your storage unit as you move and decide.


Appreciate the endless possibilities

Imagine all the amazing things you and your family will be exposed to living on Staten Island. Between the Staten Island Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, there’s plenty to see on Staten Island. You can hop in your car, jump over the Verrazzano Bridge, and be in Brooklyn and Queens. Or take the ferry to Manhattan to explore Downtown, SoHo, and more. Your kids will be excited to check out their new city and meet new friends from all over.

With a storage unit, nothing will hold you back from being able to live your best life in the city. Knowing your clothes are safely stored at your neighborhood storage facility, you can focus on creating memories and enjoying your home with your family. Remember, you must embrace the journey of moving to a new city, especially a big place like Staten Island.

As you’re still moving or once you’re settled in, you may realize how useful it would be to have a storage unit. Lucky for you, StorageBlue has one of its many locations on Staten Island. Even if you’re moving across the river from New Jersey, you have the option of choosing one of our cheap storage units in Staten Island or Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, or Teaneck. With storage locations throughout the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan areas, we guarantee we can help you find the right affordable storage facility you’re looking for.

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