Reminder Of What Not To Put In Your Storage Unit

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Reminder Of What Not To Put In Your Storage Unit

People rent storage units when they’re in need of a storage solution for their home or business. If you’re a first-time self-storage renter, then you may not be familiar with the things you can’t put in storage. While it may seem obvious to some, not everyone knows the limitations to what you should put inside.

If you’ve recently moved into a storage unit in New York or New Jersey, then we’ve got these friendly reminders for you on what does not belong in your storage unit. We want to make sure you have a great storage experience and use your storage unit properly, so these tips should be helpful.


Don’t store illegal items

Although you’re free to use your storage unit as you please, you should not have illegal materials or conduct illegal activities in your storage unit. Your unit should not be used as a place to store illegal possessions like drugs and firearms. Not only is it against the law, but it can also cause major problems between you and the storage facility.


Don’t store living things

We know space in your New York or New Jersey apartment can be limited, but you should never resort to storing animals or plants in a storage unit. Your storage unit is not a safe enough space and doesn’t have enough ventilation for anything living. The size and conditions are meant for non-living items that don’t rely on sunlight to survive.


Don’t store precious items

You shouldn’t use your storage unit as a safe deposit box. This means that you should avoid storing valuables like money, jewelry, and important documents that can’t be replaced. You never know what could happen, and it’s better to keep these items in a separate place.


Don’t store hazardous materials

Depending on your business; you might be tempted to store certain things from your office in your storage unit. The reality is, that anything can happen inside your storage unit when you’re not there, so medicine and hazardous supplies shouldn’t be left in your unit. Please steer clear from putting flammable and toxic materials in your storage unit.


Don’t store food

This might seem silly to say, but you should not use your storage unit as a backup pantry. Any perishable items you have should stay in your home. Once things start to rot, they will be out of your control and cause unwanted odors, which will attract bugs and rodents. Spare yourself and your neighbors the trouble by keeping food out of your unit.


Now you’re ready to move into your new cheap storage unit

Anyone looking for an affordable storage unit near Manhattan should check out StorageBlue. With our facilities in Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, and the surrounding area, we’re the perfect place to begin your storage journey. As an extra layer of protection, we also suggest that our renters take advantage of having insurance just to be safe. Insurance can help protect your belongings and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Now that you know exactly what to avoid putting in your storage unit you’re ready to go!

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