Renting a 5x6 Storage Unit

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Renting a 5x6 Storage Unit

If you are looking to store boxes and small or medium-sized objects in a storage unit, StorageBlue has 5x6 storage units available for rent that are suitable for your needs. More and more people are opting for storage units to conveniently house their many things, and if you are thinking of renting a storage unit to declutter your space here are some storage tips for how to get the most out of a 5x6 storage unit.


Will a 5x6 storage unit work for you?

5x6 storage units are great for college students moving out of dorms for the summer, those moving into smaller apartments than they were living in before, those who are living in temporary housing, and those who have a small business and need extra space to store their work, and even people who just want to store things that they may not need to access daily, such as seasonal items or antiques. A storage unit provides peace of mind because it keeps your valuables in an offsite space that is clean, under 24-hour surveillance, and in a space that exclusively belongs to you. At StorageBlue, we have short and long-term rentals available so that you can store your items in our 5x6 storage units that will provide you that little bit of extra space that will best suit your storage needs.

If you feel that the 5x6 storage unit is the perfect size for you, the best way to utilize the storage space is to develop a plan. Organize your belongings prior to packing them into boxes and try to use either as few or as small boxes as you can. When it comes to boxes, be consistent; combining various box sizes may take up more square footage than needed. Try to imagine or create a diagram of how to organize the boxes and furniture within the storage unit; for example, put the large furniture in the back of the unit so that when opening it does not potentially fall out break, or cause injury. The items that should be the closest to the front of the unit’s entrance should either be items that you need to readily access often or items that are small and delicate and have a chance of breaking if they are in the back of the unit under the weight of other things.


What exactly can fit in a 5x6 unit?

A 5x6 unit provides 30 square feet of space and is similar to the size of a half bathroom. With proper organization, a 5x6 unit can house:

• Various box sizes

• Baby furniture

• Seasonal home décor and small furniture (end table, lamp, area rugs, etc)

• Mattress (up to a full size)

• Boxes (up to a medium)

• Small kitchen appliances

• A small couch (placed on its side)

A 5x6 storage unit comes with about 8 feet high ceilings, which allows for items to be placed on top of each other for the purpose of optimizing the space to meet all of your storage needs. When it comes to the larger pieces, our storage tip for organizing these is to dismantle furniture as much as you can.


Why StorageBlue?

Here at StorageBlue, we have many storage facilities located across the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas. We are here to make your storage experience as smooth and easy as possible; our movers are here to assist in bringing your belongings to your unit. If you are in need of a worry-free and secure way to store your property outside of your home for a low price, call StorageBlue and talk to one of our storage experts about renting a 5x6 unit. We are here to help!

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