Smart Moving Tips For 2023

By usmanidrees

Smart Moving Tips For 2023

Can you believe that 2022 is already ending? Approaching the new year can be bittersweet, but there’s always a lot to look forward to. So much can happen in the new year and it’s never too soon to start planning. A new year is often the perfect time to move and start fresh. Ditch those feelings of anxiety and set yourself up for a smart move to Clifton in 2023.

When most people think about moving, they associate it with stress. They procrastinate packing and planning which only makes the process harder. It’s not often that people get excited about the overall moving process. The good news is, if you’re planning a move in 2023 then we have these smart tips for a smooth move. 


You can always DIY

When all else fails, you can do it yourself! This option isn’t for everyone, but if you prefer to do the packing, transporting, and moving with little to no help, we’re confident you can do it. If you’re a college student moving to the area to attend William Paterson University, then maybe you can have the support of family for move-in day. If you lived in Passaic County all your life and now decided you want to move, ask your friends or neighbors to help during your DIY move. Renting a storage unit is great for a DIY move because you’ll have access to great resources. Our StorageBlue Clifton locations provide U-Haul rentals, and you can even purchase storage supplies.


Choose a hybrid move

You can have the best of both worlds by moving yourself and incorporating movers in as you see fit. No one said you must rely on movers for everything or expect to do it all by yourself. Have you heard of contactless pickup? It can fit perfectly with a hybrid moving plan. At StorageBlue, we can have a driver provide a truck to bring your items to StorageBlue and all you must do is pack them up. And guess what? There’s no extra cost required; all you have to do is rent a storage unit at our Clifton storage facility. 


Hire a moving company

One of the best options if you’re looking to be hands-off is hiring a full-service moving company. They can handle everything from start to finish so you can focus less on the logistics. The downside of a moving company is they can be expensive, especially during peak moving season. However, most people know it’s worth the cost and can bring peace of mind to new homeowners. 

Are you moving to or from Clifton in 2023? Let StorageBlue be the storage facility you choose for your storage needs. Not only is it a great location, but it’s perfect for anyone looking for a short-term or long-term storage solution. Start the year off right by getting that extra space you need and deserve. Your home will thank you and you’ll feel great knowing your belongings are stored safely and securely in your affordable storage unit at StorageBlue.

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