The Best Tips For Storing Your Clothes

By usmanidrees

The Best Tips For Storing Your Clothes

Finding the perfect closet for your clothes can be easier said than done, especially if you’re a New York County or New Jersey resident. It’s common to compromise closet space for other things like a larger bedroom or more living room space. If you don’t have the closet space you need, you must decide on the best way to store your clothes. Yes, you can buy more furniture, but that’s only realistic if you have the right amount of space.

That’s when self-storage can come in handy when storing your clothes. Depending on the season, you may need extra space to put away clothes you’re not wearing. For anyone living in New York County looking for a storage unit as a storage solution for your clothing, here are tips on how to store your clothes in your storage unit.


Store old baby clothes

How many people are holding onto baby clothes that aren’t being used? You might not be ready to get rid of them permanently for many reasons, but the last thing you need is a pile of baby clothes that aren’t being used. Maybe you’re considering having another child, so later, these clothes could come in handy. Or maybe you have family or friends that could use these clothes as a hand-me-down for their kids. If you aren’t ready to throw away or donate baby clothes, you can easily store them in a storage unit near New York County.


Use plastic containers

When you’re storing your clothes, you want something sealed so your clothing will stay protected. In a plastic container, you’ll be able to keep your clothes protected no matter what may happen. Unfortunately, many storage unit renters have had the items in their storage units damaged due to leaking and other issues. With your clothing in a plastic container, they’ll stay organized and be easy to locate in clear containers.


Keep your vintage clothes in a storage unit

Your vintage clothes need to be handled with care. If they aren’t items you often wear, putting them away is the best option. Many of the apartments in New York County don’t have a lot of closet space, so any clothes that aren’t being worn shouldn’t be hanging in your closet. You can make more space by putting away your clothing in wardrobe boxes and other containers for protection. Anytime you need them, you’ll know exactly where to find them in your unit.


Find the best affordable self-storage for you

Do you need extra space for your closet? You can book a storage unit at StorageBlue for a low price and store your clothes and accessories at one of our storage facilities. Save room in your home and store your out-of-season clothing in your storage unit instead. Place your clothes in boxes, containers, suitcases, or whatever you decide. Consider your storage unit an extension of your closet; it will make your life easier.

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