The Most Common Uses For Self-Storage

By usmanidrees

The Most Common Uses For Self-Storage

What was the reason you decided to rent a storage unit? When was the day you looked around and felt like you had too much stuff? It can be overwhelming to think about everything we have at home that we don’t really need. For one reason or another, it’s hard to get rid of things but keeping them at home and taking up space isn’t any better. You’d be surprised at the most common things people put in their storage unit at our Paterson location. 

You’ve probably considered getting a storage unit before, so what’s stopping you? If you’re curious about the most common uses for a self-storage unit then continue reading and see if you could use one yourself. 



This is probably the most popular thing you’ll find in storage units. Especially for families who decide to downsize and are unsure what to do with their belongings. From large pieces of furniture like beds and dining room tables to smaller items such as coffee tables and dressers, they can all fit in your storage unit. If you’re looking to rent a small storage unit, consider breaking down your furniture as much as possible to save room. You’ll have more room to store your furniture if you consolidate as much as possible.


Antiques and collectibles

Anything you value should be stored with care. That’s why some would prefer to store their heirlooms, antiques, and vintage collectible pieces in a storage unit near Paterson rather than at home. Of course, you should always use your judgment on what valuable items belong in your storage unit, but as long as everything is packed properly and protected, you should feel peace of mind.


Important documents

You would be surprised to know how many people still have hard-copy documents at home. While we try our best to save the environment and go paperless, there are certain documents you want to hold onto, especially if you’re a business owner. File your documents at a storage unit near your Paterson business instead of taking up space at the office or home. You’ll find yourself feeling relieved knowing your papers are organized and secure in a storage unit. 


Seasonal clothing and supplies

Anyone living in New Jersey knows that going to the Jersey Shore or New York City during the summer is one of the top things to do. Sometimes that requires you to bring extra supplies like beach chairs and toys, and we can’t forget our summer wardrobe filled with sandals and bathing suits. Depending on how much space you have at home, it may not make sense to keep these items there when it’s not in season. Not all Paterson homes have large backyards or a shed, so if you have trouble finding a place to store your items then an offsite storage unit can be helpful.

If you’re dreaming of more space at home, then it sounds like it’s time for you to rent a storage unit. Consider your storage unit as your home away from home, a safe space where your belongings live, and you’ll have easy access to it. Our StorageBlue Paterson location has plenty of storage units in various sizes that are perfect for any budget. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional and can help you decide which storage unit will work best for your needs.

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