The Process of Decluttering Before a Big Move

By usmanidrees

The Process of Decluttering Before a Big Move

Moving will make you realize just how much stuff you have. As you’re packing up your home, you’ll uncover a lot of things. Some things you may have even forgotten about or don’t have use for anymore. You will decide what items you’ll take on your move, what you can throw away, and what you still want to hold onto. As you’re decluttering, you might realize it’s a good idea to have a storage unit if you don’t already have one.

Once you’re already in the groove of moving, getting into the spirit of decluttering will be easy. Why not rid yourself of as much stuff as possible so you can enjoy your new home with a clear mind and space? Many residents living in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas understand apartments and homes with a lot of space can be hard to come by. That’s why people resort to renting an affordable storage unit to resolve their storage issues.

Get ready to have a productive and motivating moving process with these starter tips on organizing and decluttering.


Start with the obvious things

A lot of people have furniture and items in their homes that they just don’t use regularly. From old baby clothes to furniture, our garages and basements are full of old items that we can’t seem to part ways with. If this applies to you, then we suggest looking into renting a cheap storage unit.

You’ll have easy access to your belongings and won’t have to worry about them taking up space in your new home. Some other easy things to think about storing our holiday décor and seasonal clothes that we don’t often use. Trust us, decluttering can be easy if you start with the obvious.


Continue the process at your new place

Decluttering doesn’t have to start and end while you’re moving. While it’s a good idea to do most of it while you’re packing, you can also take certain things with you and revisit them once you settle in. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make all the big decisions at the same time. For the things you’re unsure about, you can bring them with you to figure out if you have room.

Anything that you don’t have use for can go into a storage unit. Think about your storage unit as an affordable safe space outside of your home that you can access as you need. As long as you plan and know exactly what goes into storage then everything will work out fine!


Research Storage Units

It’s important to know what storage facilities are in Staten Island and the surrounding area. Start your research early by driving around the neighborhood and checking out the internet to find potential storage facilities near Staten Island. We’ll get you started on your research by sharing some of the awesome features we offer! If you reserve online, you can get one month of free and curbside pickup – and it doesn’t stop there. If you’re concerned about health and safety, take advantage of our free contactless services.


Find a cheap storage unit and save money

Did you know decluttering can save you money? You can cut down on moving expenses like supplies and movers if you decide to take less with you. Start by creating a plan and focusing on your move so you can avoid overspending. A lot of movers charge by the piece or per box, and if you have fewer boxes or furniture, then you’ll pay less.

Depending on how much stuff you have you may be able to move. If you book with storage blue, we can help you save money by providing you with one place to rent your storage unit, buy moving supplies, and rent a U-Haul.

Are you planning to move out of Teaneck or move to New Jersey? StorageBlue is the perfect storage facility to use if you’re looking for cheap prices and spacious units. Our Teaneck location is one of the cheapest in Bergen County. It’s only 30 minutes outside of New York City and a great storage solution for residents and business owners in the area. Contact us today by phone, online, or in person and reserve a unit with us today!

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