Using Storage For Downsizing Your Beach House

By usmanidrees

Using Storage For Downsizing Your Beach House

Are you thinking about downsizing your beach home? Maybe you’re growing older and need a smaller space where you’re not constantly going up and down the stairs, or maybe you want to upgrade to a smaller apartment with better amenities. Is your family home starting to feel empty now that the kids are out of the house? Whatever the reason is for your decision to downsize, a self-storage unit is always helpful for the process.

More and more people are selling their homes and moving into smaller spaces. Not only can it help you financially, but it makes you think a lot about your home and what you truly value. A beach home can become filled with so many different things over the years and it can take a while to sort through everything. If you’re going to be downsizing, then check out how a cheap storage unit can improve your move.


Helpful for decluttering

As you’re downsizing, don’t be afraid to tackle your clutter head-on. It can be hard to part ways with your stuff, especially things that hold sentimental value. Some special belongings can’t just be donated or thrown away, and that’s why we suggest having a storage unit. Certain things should be kept somewhere safe where you can cherish them. If you or your family lives near West Long Branch, then it would make perfect sense to find a place in the area as you’re decluttering and moving. At StorageBlue, we have secure, clean, and affordable storage units for anything from artwork to beach furniture.


Great for retirees

Say you and your spouse now have an empty nest and are ready to retire. Your beach house might have been a special place for you and your kids while they were growing up, but now you’re looking for something different as you grow old in the West Long Branch area. A storage unit is a perfect place to store all your memories without having to permanently let anything go. As you move into your retirement, you’ll have more time to organize and can carefully go through the important things to put in your storage unit.


Give you more flexibility

Depending on how long you’ve had your beach house, it can be filled with everything from toys to furniture so if you’re moving into a new home, you may not want to take everything with you. It can be easier to bring things to your new home over time rather than dropping everything off at once. Having a storage unit near West Long Branch can be easily accessible and give you the extra space you’re looking for. If all your belongings won’t fit into your new home then a storage unit is a great backup plan.


Live a more minimalistic life

One of the reasons people choose to downsize is when they come to the realization that they want less space. There comes a time when you no longer find it necessary to have a five-bedroom beach home and realize that a condo on the beach is just as great. Deciding to live a more minimalistic life will force you to part ways with some belongings. While it might take a little extra convincing to get rid of certain things, put them in your storage unit while you decide.

If you have a beach home in Monmouth County, StorageBlue in West Long Branch is the perfect location for a storage unit. The Jersey Shore is filled with many beach towns including Sea Bright, Long Branch, and Asbury Park all in Monmouth County and located near West Long Branch. It doesn’t matter which beach town you live in, you can get to StorageBlue from the Garden State Parkway or Route 18. Just because you’re downsizing your beach house doesn’t mean you have to give up the Jersey Shore lifestyle. Keeping a storage unit nearby can help prevent stress as you go through the downsizing process.

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