Why Newlyweds Enjoy Using Cheap Self-Storage

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Why Newlyweds Enjoy Using Cheap Self-Storage

For all the newlyweds out there, marriage is an exciting journey to embark on. You’re probably so excited to start your life with your spouse. One thing that usually comes to mind is how you’ll take on the process of merging each of your lives into one. While there are plenty of solutions, it requires planning so that you’ll both be happy and on the same page. When the time comes, think about how much easier it could be if you had a self-storage unit to use.

As you work on building a new life with your spouse, it causes you to look around at all the baggage you’ll literally be bringing into the relationship. Are you someone who has a lot of clothes? Do you often struggle to find space for all your stuff? Do you want to keep the furniture you currently have? Now that you’re moving in with someone else, it’s time to figure out an efficient way to organize now that you’ll be sharing your space.

The reality is that a lot of apartments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken, and Jersey City are in cool areas; however, they don’t come with a lot of space. When you’re trying to stick to a budget, it can be hard to find the perfect place that meets all your requirements. This is exactly why many newlyweds choose to rent a storage unit in the beginning, to help get off on the right foot. Continue reading to see why self-storage always makes sense for newlyweds.


Perfect for couples still deciding where to live

Not all couples get married and have a new home to move into. Everyone has different circumstances, and for people still figuring it out, it can be challenging to plan your future when you don’t have a space of your own. Not only do you think about your stuff, but also your partner’s belongings as well. It’s not uncommon for couples to live with their in-laws or continue living in one of their apartments after just getting married. If this is your situation, it makes perfect sense to have a storage unit as you figure things out. You won’t have to get rid of your stuff quite yet, and you can keep it in a storage unit instead.


It encourages you to have less baggage

Transitioning from your own apartment to a new home with your spouse can be quite an adjustment. You’re both probably used to being independent and living separate lives. It’s up to both of you to come together and decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and how to build your new home together in New York City. We believe that the fewer things you bring into your new home, the better. Of course, you probably have furniture, décor, and other sentimental items that you can’t get rid of, which is exactly why you need a storage unit near Lower Manhattan. Finding a nearby storage facility in New York City can be very helpful for a new couple as they get settled in.


You can store duplicate furniture

Were you and your fiancé living in separate homes before getting married? If so, then we would imagine you have a lot of the same furniture, such as couches, flat screens, beds, and more. While you’re deciding what to keep, it’s best if you can find a storage unit near your New York City apartment to store your extra belongings. You won’t feel the pressure of having to get rid of your furniture. Putting it in storage gives you time to see if you have used this furniture in the future.


It inspires you to create a plan for moving

Before moving into a storage unit, it’s important that you and your spouse are on the same page about how it will be used. This shouldn’t be the spot where you dump things with no plan on how you’ll use them. Instead, create a rule and try only to store items you know you’ll use in the future. Being intentional with your storage unit is the best way to get used to it.


Great storage for wedding gifts

On your wedding day, guests will shower you with gifts to celebrate your special day. Depending on how many gifts you receive, you may not have enough space in your home. Instead of flooding your living room and closets with gifts, you can instead rent a small storage unit to store them. It can be as small as a locker or even a 5 ‘x 5’ space.

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