Why Self-Storage Is Great For The Holidays

By usmanidrees

Why Self-Storage Is Great For The Holidays

The holiday season is a busy time of the year. With so many parties and celebrations, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. Especially if you live in New York City, the holidays are a magical time of the year when there are endless things to do. Offices are hosting holiday parties and the city is filled with fun winter activities. Whether you’re receiving gifts, hosting family and friends, or just someone who loves holiday decorations, you probably could use some extra space in your home. If you don’t already have a storage unit, the holidays are the perfect time to consider getting one.

Do you do a lot of entertaining during the holidays? It might feel like every time you turn around there’s a party to attend or family coming by. The last thing you’ll have time for is a home full of clutter. Before and after the holidays, a lot of people spend a lot more time at their storage units. In case you need a little more convincing to get one, here’s why we love to use self-storage for the holidays.


Hide your gifts to keep them a surprise

Do you celebrate Hannukah or Christmas and want to keep your presents a surprise? It might be challenging to find a place to hide your gifts from your kids inside your West Village apartment, so why not put them in your storage unit instead. You don’t even need a large storage unit; you can rent one of our 5’x5’ spaces with just enough room for your gifts and a few other boxes. 


Organize your holiday decorations

Unless you have an attic or basement, storing your holiday decorations might be challenging. Using a storage unit is the perfect option if you don’t have any extra space for your holiday décor. Where else will you store your ornaments and boxes along with other festive decorations for your home?


Make room for visitors

Do you usually have a full house during the holidays? That means you’ll have to make extra room for family or friends staying over. If your spare room in your West Village apartment is typically used for storage, you’ll have to clear it out for guests instead. With a storage unit, you can move all your extra belongings out of the way to make space for your visitors. With your stuff out of your home, you’ll have more room for entertaining and keeping your mess out of the way. 


Use it for larger gifts

Some gifts you receive might be bigger than others. Your kids might have been gifted an outdoor play set or maybe your husband got you some new patio furniture for your West Village apartment terrace. Any items that won’t be used this season can stay in your storage unit. After all, that’s the whole point of your storage unit. It should be your home away from home.


Great place for your valuables

If you decide to travel during the holidays, then it’s important that your belongings are kept safe. While a lot of apartments in Lower Manhattan have doormen and security, others may not. Depending on how long you’ll be traveling for and who will have access to your home, it might be best to keep certain valuables in a storage unit. Any important documents or high value jewelry might be better off in your storage unit while you’re out of town.

Are you ready to rent a storage unit? StorageBlue in Jersey City is waiting for you! You won’t find cheaper self-storage in Lower Manhattan so why not come across the Hudson River and secure your storage unit today. The community knows we’re an affordable self-storage facility that they can trust. Rent a self-storage unit this holiday season and see how much of a difference it makes. 


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