Why Self-Storage Is On The Rise In Paterson

By usmanidrees

Why Self-Storage Is On The Rise In Paterson

For years homeowners and entrepreneurs have relied on self-storage units for extra space. As the demand for storage grew, more and more facilities were developed throughout the tri-state area. If you look around, you might notice more storage facilities being built to provide customers with the additional space they’re looking for. Residents and business owners know that Paterson is a great central location to rent a storage unit and that’s why they choose StorageBlue.

COVID-19 impacted communities all over the country, and the effect can especially be felt in the New York metropolitan area. While many people left the area, others decided to stick around and adjust their lifestyles. Maybe you decided to leave the Paterson area and start over, or maybe you made the choice to downsize your home. Having a storage unit in Paterson is a great flexible storage solution. Keep reading to find out why more people are looking for affordable self-storage in Paterson.


The pandemic changed everything

Once the pandemic hit, more people went from commuting to the office every day to working at home. Not everyone’s home was equipped to turn into their office space. Families found it even more challenging as they juggled working at home and making sure their kids attended school online. As you’re spending nearly your entire day inside, you might start to realize how nice it would be to have more space. To make more room, many people resorted to storage units to store things from seasonal clothing to holiday décor.  

Some residents of Paterson decided to relocate to their Jersey shore vacation homes permanently or leave the area altogether. Making that decision can be hard but having a storage unit nearby can help you feel at ease. Renting a short-term storage unit as you’re transitioning to your new home can help relieve a lot of stress. That’s why we at StorageBlue saw that more customers in Paterson needed a better storage option and we knew we could provide it. Whether you move to a different town in New Jersey or out of state, finding a cheap storage unit for your belongings can give you flexibility as you figure out your next steps.


New business opportunities

Unfortunately, many businesses closed over the past few years, while others had better luck and managed to thrive. Without being able to go shop at stores in-person, the world saw a spike in e-commerce businesses. Many people decided to even start online from their living rooms and ended up having great success. As your business starts coming together, one of the first things you should think about is where you’ll store your inventory. 

Do you have an office or warehouse space? If you’ve been working out of your home, do you have room in your basement or garage? Should you find yourself looking for a place to store your supplies and inventory, check out StorageBlue for a cheap storage unit. Keeping your inventory there can help keep you organized and can be extremely helpful as your business expands. There are so many ways to use your storage unit as a business owner which is why you’ll see many entrepreneurs in Passaic County renting cheap self-storage. 


It's great for people retiring

Once retirement hits, you start to reassess life as it is and start to plan the next chapter of your life. You might decide you want a smaller home, or that it’s time to start over in another state. As more people begin to retire and live off a fixed income, they’ll have to make big changes in their life to commit to this new lifestyle. With that being said, a lot of retirees decide to downsize their homes. After all, you don’t need all that extra space when the kids are out of the house and it’s just you and your spouse. If you’re unsure what to do with your belongings, you can always rent a storage unit as you decide what to keep, donate, store, and throw away. 

Living in the tri-state area, it’s very common for people to head south during retirement. Some retirees even choose to downsize to a smaller home in New York or New Jersey and split their time between there and sunny Florida. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you probably should consider renting a storage unit. 


Cheap self-storage works for everyone

Renting a storage unit is perfect for anyone that needs a short-term or long-term storage solution. At StorageBlue, we have great cheap storage units for everyone at our location in Paterson. The process is simple, the storage units are affordable, so you have no excuse not to stop by and learn more. Renting a storage unit can be a great upgrade to your life. You can spend more time enjoying yourself without having to worry about your belongings. The Paterson community knows StorageBlue is the best place around for anyone looking for affordable, clean, and secure storage units.

As the demand for storage units continues to rise, StorageBlue will remain one of the best storage facilities in Paterson. With a professional and friendly staff, 24/7 surveillance, curbside pickup, U-Haul truck rental, and more, StorageBlue has everything you’re looking for in a storage facility. If you’re living in Passaic County and need a storage facility you can trust, contact StorageBlue and we’re here whenever you’re in need of a cheap storage solution.

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