Why Storage Works for Moving in With Someone

By usmanidrees

Why Storage Works for Moving in With Someone

New York and New Jersey are filled with ambitious people who come from all over the country and world to follow their dreams in the big city. A harsh reality of living in the tri-state area is the cost of living. Because housing can be so expensive, it’s common for people to have a roommate when they move out. If you’re someone with a lot of stuff, we suggest looking into storage.

Moving is a brand-new adventure that requires a lot of planning. Once you’ve decided to move out, many questions come to mind. Who will you live with? Where will you move to? What’s your budget? All valid questions require planning. It might cause you to look around and think about how much stuff is necessary to bring with you. If you look around and realize you aren’t attached or even using a lot of the stuff in your room, then you should think about renting a storage unit. It’s probably something that both you and your roommate can benefit from and here’s why.


Enjoy living the city life

Hoboken and Jersey City have become popular areas for young people who are looking to live close to New York City without paying the inflated price. You can enjoy the waterfront view and easy access to the city at a much more affordable price. If the apartment you have doesn’t have all the space, you need then you can always get a storage unit. Think of it as a way of creating the space you need. Depending on the size of your apartment, you may not be able to keep all your things in one place. The great news is if you’re living in Hoboken or Jersey City, you can find a cheap apartment and a cheap storage unit too.


Spend less on rent

Saving money is one of the benefits of moving in with a roommate. Whether it’s your best friend, family, or spouse-to-be, the cost of living won’t feel as intense if you have someone to split your expenses with. Spending a few more dollars per month on a storage unit will be relatively cheaper than spending more money on rent. With so many small apartments in Hoboken, a lot of our customers use StorageBlue because we provide the most affordable storage units in the area.


It helps you consolidate

One of the many reasons people decide to get a storage unit after moving in together is because they need to consolidate. If the people you’re moving with already own a couch, then you don’t need another. Maybe you have a flat-screen, but you prefer to use your roommates’ instead. With a storage unit, all those items can be put away for later use. What’s even better is having a roommate that’s willing to split the cost and space with you! Another great tactic is to save even more money.

If you’re preparing for a move and this sounds appealing, then you should check out StorageBlue. With a storage unit, you can hold on to anything you don’t need without having to get rid of it permanently. Moving can already feel overwhelming so if you have a storage unit it can eliminate a lot of stress for both you and your roommate.

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