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Student Storage

When you go away to college, you’ll quickly realize that your college dorm or apartment isn’t big enough to contain all of your items, and lots will need to be left at home. Are Mom and Dad giving you some grief about storing your boxes in their garage? Do you need to move overseas for a semester or across the country to attend school? Student storage issues can be solved by renting storage space at StorageBlue. Providing students with storage options is just one of StorageBlue’s specialty areas. We are experienced in serving the needs of college students, recent graduates, and young professionals. We have helped scores of young adults with short-term storage needs between semesters, over the summer, and between breaks.

The life of a college student is a lot like being a nomad, “You never really are in one place too long.” It’s hard to keep moving your things between home and school, and from dorm to apartment. By finding a storage facility that’s near your campus, you’ll be able to store lots of your favorite belongings and keep them within reach, without cluttering up your limited living space. Student storage at StorageBlue is a great option to store your favorite items that you don’t use on an everyday basis, like: extra clothes, out of season clothes and equipment (like skis and winter outerwear), computers and electronics, and other valuables.

Is it time for winter break or summer break? Do you need to clear out your dorm and keep valuables safe? Are you tired of treating your car like a moving van and lugging all your ‘stuff’ back and forth between home and school? It’s a lot more convenient to store your stuff with us. Items will remain safe and secure and close to school when the new semester starts up again. So, be sure to ask us about short term storage options for students!

Keep Items Safe

College dorms and apartments have people in and out all the time and things have a tendency to mysteriously “walk away.” Keep your valuables safe! Only you will have a key to your personal storage unit. No one else has access. With StorageBlue’s 24/7 surveillance and high tech entry system, your belongings are always safe.

No Long Term Contracts

We understand the lifestyle of a college student, moving from dorm to apartment, transferring schools, long breaks, a semester spent overseas, so we realize long term contracts are not a reasonable option. That’s why there are no contracts and no commitment. Unlike other self storage facilities in New York or New Jersey, we do not charge a security deposit.

Open 7 Days a Week

We know you’re busy and understand the demanding schedule of students. StorageBlue is open every day of the week!

Only Pay for the Storage You Need

StorageBlue has a wide range of storage options. From 5 x 4 lockers to 10 x 20 foot units, we’re sure to have a storage unit to fit your student storage needs. Check out our storage facility options, to see which size is right for you. Make sure you’re not using units that are too big, our Storage Advisers can help you figure out what size you’ll need.

At StorageBlue’s space we offer:

  • A Variety of Sizes:

    Choose from a wide variety of our storage unit sizes and increase or decrease the amount of your storage space, at any time for just a small transfer fee. Our New Jersey or New York storage facility has everything from small closet-sized locker storage to huge warehouse like storage spaces.

  • Record Storage:

    At StorageBlue, storing your records is less expensive and more convenient and secure than many other storage facilities in New Jersey or New York. Your records are NOT stored in a big public storage facility or open storage space.

  • High Security:

    Use your own lock and key for your storage unit. No one else, including our staff, has access to your business property. StorageBlue has 24/7 video surveillance, buzz-in service, and a strict sign policy.

Secure Storage

When you put your valuables into storage you want the peace of mind knowing they remain safe and secure. StorageBlue’s state-of-the art security system has numerous security cameras everywhere throughout our all of our facilities. We take security seriously and provide motion detectors, perimeter contacts, and controlled entry sign-in and sign-out. At StorageBlue we have taken extra measures to keep our customers’ storage items safe and secure and always strive to provide service that will exceed your expectations. All StorageBlue’s self storage facilities were designed and built to maintain added security for our metropolitan area self storage customers. Our security solutions help keep your storage unit well monitored and secure 24 hours a day!

StorageBlue solves self storage security concerns with:

  • State-of-the-art Computerized Central Alarm System
  • Motion Detectors
  • Perimeter contacts
  • Interior/Exterior DVR recording at all times
  • Controlled entry sign-in and sign-out
  • Full fire alarm and sprinkle system throughout building
  • Completely self-contained buildings
  • Well lit, including units and hallways, keeps everything safe and secure.
  • Buzz-in door system.
  • Your lock – your key. Only you will have the key to your lock – providing additional security measures.
  • Surveillance cameras everywhere

On Site Management Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8am-8pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm

Peace of Mind

When choosing a self storage company, one of the most important features is the security provided by the storage facility. Choosing a storage building with fully-equipped advanced security measures should be at the top of your ‘must have’ list. At StorageBlue, we get it. We know that the safety of your items is a top priority, so not only do we keep your items secure but we pamper them too – with superior features like temperature controlled storage units and high-quality packing material to keep everything organized and safe.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of your belongings so we can offer you the peace of mind that comes from secured self storage. We strive to provide the best self storage experience and the friendliest service, at a competitive metropolitan area storage rate. If you’re moving, or simply making room, we’d like the opportunity to serve your storage needs.

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