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Why Choose StorageBlue Management?

REIT’s like Public Storage, CubeSmart, Extra Space or Life Storage, typically manage between one & three thousand facilities at any given time.
Do you want to be one in three thousand, definitely not!

At StorageBlue we’re not managing thousands of facilities like the REIT’s, this allows us to provide individualized attention to every single facility we manage, and that’s important.
We call that our “Hands on Management®”. With individualized attention, we can catch market trends, make price changes in real time and keep current tenants happy. Other 3rd party management companies have policies in place that force them to wait weeks, sometimes even months to get price changes approved by corporate and that puts them a step behind StorageBlue Management.

Enjoy the golf course, you deserve it!

The StorageBlue Management solution reduces your hassle of day-to-day operations at your facilities. With the combination of our team of experts and our proven solutions in enhancing operations, StorageBlue Management brings more success to facilities all while reducing the amount of hands on, day-to-day work required by you, the owner to zero.

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Become part of StorageBlue Management, an experienced & established brand!

  • Hands on Management
  • 5% Management Fee
  • Revenue Management
  • Highest Occupancies in the Business amongst all National Operators
  • Outstanding Operations Platform
  • Seamless Integration with Support
  • Elite & Experienced Leadership
  • All Locations are Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, generating additional revenue!
  • Exceptional Service
  • In-house Digital Marketing
  • Leading for over 30 years
  • 100% of all Tenant Insurance Compensation goes to the Owner

StorageBlue Management
Financial Benefits

StorageBlue has been successful for all 20 years of its existence. Our experienced team allows us to be successful in all areas of the industry.

  • 5% Management Fee
  • Low setup costs compared to the competition
  • 100% of the insurance compensation is paid to the owners
  • All our locations are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, leading to additional revenue.
Our management fee beats out 90% of our competition
Our Setup Cost is better than 85% of our competition
100% of the insurance compensation is paid to the owner

Easy StorageBlue Management Integration

  • All of our properties are integrated with a customized solution to fit their market.
  • Our support team ensures a seamless assimilation of your locations into the StorageBlue platform across all departments such as Marketing, IT, Finance, Pricing.
  • Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure all aspects of your business have been merged into the StorageBlue system and are here to support you through the entire transition.
  • Our team of executives ensure to put a plan in place that will work for your facility based on its location and other important factors.

Experienced Leadership at StorageBlue

  • StorageBlue Management has an executive team that focuses on implementing successful strategies to grow your business and deliver superior financial results.
  • StorageBlue Management has a combined 50 years of experience in self-storage management.
  • Your property will have a designated a Hands on® District Manager who can answer any questions you may have during the transition.
  • Our Hands on Management® approach guarantees our executives and District Managers to visit your property more frequently and focus and fine-tuned on your property’s performance and growth.

We believe in reducing the hassle of day-to-day operations at your facility! That’s StorageBlue Hands on Management®.

StorageBlue Marketing & Revenue Management

  • Become part of the industry’s best Hands on Management® Marketing and Revenue team.
  • Use our vast experience and unmatched level of customer acquisition.
  • Become integrated in StorageBlue's sophisticated and digitally advanced website.
  • No one can compete with StorageBlue’s vast marketing experience. Our strategic marketing campaigns are tailored to each facility and thus give you unrivaled visibility.
  • Our experienced Hands on Management team will develop an aggressive pricing model designed to capture your property’s full potential, generating more revenue per square foot than initially envisioned by you, the facility owner.

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