A Guide To Renting A 5x5 Storage Unit

By usmanidrees

A Guide To Renting A 5x5 Storage Unit

Have you come to the realization that it’s time to rent a self-storage unit? Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a storage unit, you’ll start thinking about the location, price, size, and all the other choices you’ll have to make. If you can simplify the process, then you can have a smooth transition from your home or business to your storage unit. Sometimes all it takes is a few storage tips to help get you on your way to a clutter-free life. 

Any self-storage newbies out there can greatly benefit from renting a 5x5 storage unit. They’re often very affordable and can work great for families or business owners who need a cheap storage solution. For all new storage unit renters, these are our storage tips to help with your self-storage experience.  


How to find a quality storage unit

Finding the perfect storage requires research especially if you live in the New York metropolitan area. What’s the most important requirement for your storage unit? Do you care more about finding the cheapest price? Do you want a storage unit that’s the closest to your home? Whichever your preference is, that’s what will lead you to choose the right storage facility for you. If you live in New York or New Jersey, StorageBlue has locations that offer self-storage at an affordable price which is why customers come from all over to rent with us.  


Think about what you’ll be storing

Once you’ve secured your storage unit, it’s time to think about what will go inside. Luckily if you’ve already decided you need a storage unit, you know exactly what you’re looking to store. Maybe you’re attending a local New Jersey college and need a storage unit for when you return home. Or possibly you’re a business owner with growing inventory so you could use the extra space. Our storage tip would be to check out a 5x5 storage unit to see if that could fit your needs. 


A 5x5 storage unit is perfect for beginners

When all else fails, choose a storage unit that’s small if you’re unsure about how much space you require. The great thing about that size is it can hold several boxes or even a desk or drawer. Depending on how much you must store, this might be the perfect size to start out with. Think about a 5x5 storage unit as a large closet. There’s enough room to stack up items, but don’t expect to move around a storage unit of this size. Besides, if needed, you can always upgrade to a larger unit if you find yourself outgrowing it quickly.


Be realistic about what you can fit inside

Should you decide to go with a 5x5 storage unit or a slightly bigger 5x10 storage unit, you’ll want to start thinking about how you’ll stack everything inside. A smaller 5x5 storage unit is probably best for someone who’s more focused on storing boxes. Did you know a 5x5 storage unit can fit about 50 file boxes? That can work perfectly for a business owner that needs space to store business documents. With a 5x10 storage unit, you can place larger pieces such as a dining room set, a mattress, plus some boxes. The key with a space of this size is that you make sure you’re not expecting to put too many items that won’t fit. 

While there are many storage facilities to choose from, StorageBlue has a variety of storage units from 5x5 storage units to 5x10 storage units. We have several locations that each provide secure self-storage units making it easy to rely on us for your self-storage needs.

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