The Guide To Renting A 7x4 Storage Unit At StorageBlue

By usmanidrees

The Guide To Renting A 7x4 Storage Unit At StorageBlue

You wouldn’t believe how quickly you can improve your quality of life by renting a storage unit. Regardless of the size, it can be a game changer for homeowners and renters who need more room. A 7x4 storage unit can be great for renters who are downsizing, undergoing renovations, or just need extra space. No matter what your reason is, we understand living in New York or New Jersey can come with storage challenges.

Unlike the smaller 4x4 storage unit, a 7x4 unit can be described as a small walk-in closet. While this size may not be for everyone, it gives you room for growth and space to move around. If that sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, then keep reading for our storage tips on renting a 7x4 storage unit.


Use a moving truck for your transition

Should you decide to rent a 7x4 storage unit, the items you’re storing might be on the larger side. A 7x4 storage unit is perfect for furniture or appliances, however, those items might be difficult to transport since they might not fit in a regular vehicle. With a storage unit, you’ll have plenty of space to store your large items. If you decide to rent a storage unit at StorageBlue, we can make the process even easier because we provide U-Haul rentals at our locations. That can be a great option to have a DIY move while also saving and sticking to your moving budget.


Stay organized from the start

With a larger storage unit, it can be easier to lose track of things. The best way to avoid doing that is to create a system from day one of renting your storage unit. You can start by making an inventory list to keep track of everything you’re storing. If you keep your list up to date, you can remember what’s in your storage unit without even having to visit. You should also make sure you position things you’ll use frequently at the front of your 7x4 storage unit so it’s easy to access. 


How much can a 7x4 storage unit hold

I bet you’re wondering how much can fit inside a storage unit that’s the size of a walk-in closet or a small half-bathroom. Either way, you look at it, it’s a great amount of extra space to have. You can use it as you please whether it’s for personal or business needs. This is the storage unit we often suggest for young families who might need the unit for long-term purposes. 


We recommend a 7x4 storage unit for anyone looking to store larger items. Here are items that a 7x4 storage unit can hold:

- Several small to medium boxes

- Bicycle

- Dining/kitchen table

- Appliance

- Dresser

- Mattress (twin or queen)

- Small dresser

- Coffee table

- TV

- Business inventory 


Take advantage of storing things vertically

The experts always say the best way to store things is vertically meaning, it’s more efficient to stack your boxes in your unit rather than spreading them all over. With a 7x4 storage unit, you have plenty of space to store your belongings up to the ceiling. It’s important not to lean anything against the walls, but you should place your heavier boxes at the bottom and build up from there. 

Don’t wait another day to book a storage unit! At StorageBlue, we provide our customers with affordable self-storage units that don’t require long-term contact either. That means you can rent your storage unit for a short-term or long-term, whichever you prefer. Our cheap storage units are a great solution for your storage troubles.

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