How To Maintain Your Storage Unit In The New Year

By usmanidrees

How To Maintain Your Storage Unit In The New Year

It’s the start of a new year which is always a good time to set new goals and usher in change. This is the time of year when everyone commits to making better habits and thinking about what they can do better in 2023. Besides setting personal goals, you might also have some things you’d like to accomplish at home. If maintaining your storage unit isn’t already at the top of your things to do in the new year then it should be.

While it may sound like we’re only talking to people with a storage unit, this can also apply to anyone looking for self-storage. Think about how much more you’ll be able to appreciate our storage unit if you utilize every inch and corner. These are our top tips on how you can maintain and organize your storage unit this year.


Update your inventory list

Depending on the type of year you’ve had, a lot may have changed with your storage unit. Maybe one of your kids returned home from college and put their belongings in your storage unit, or maybe you purchased more holiday décor. Either way, it’s nice to keep an updated list of everything inside your storage unit so you don’t lose track of anything. The more often you visit, the less you’ll have to worry about since you’ll know exactly what’s there. What also helps with an inventory list is having the boxes in your storage unit ready-labeled. By doing that, you can easily point out and see how many boxes you have dedicated to clothing, toys, furniture, and much more.


Try to visit as much as possible

Now we don’t expect you to go to your storage unit every day, you should at least plan to visit a few times a year, especially at the beginning of the year. Think about it, the more you stop by and check-in, the more peace of mind you’ll have knowing where your items stand. That’s why we encourage our customers to choose a storage facility that’s convenient to their home or business so that visiting won’t feel like such a hassle. Having a storage unit that’s minutes away from the Staten Island Expressway is perfect for anyone who’s on the go or is coming from another borough or area.


Make time to clean your storage unit

We’re not asking you to do a deep clean of your storage unit but making the time to straighten it up at the beginning of the year won’t hurt. You’ll want to dust any shelving in your storage unit, check the ground for any leaks, and make sure your clothes are properly protected. It can even be helpful to keep cleaning products inside your storage unit which will make it even easier to remember to clean.

With these tips on how to maintain your storage unit, you should be looking forward to your next visit. You should be able to appreciate the importance of cleaning so that you can maximize the space in your unit. For those of you who don’t have a storage unit yet, visit our StorageBlue location in Grasmere Staten Island if you need cheap self-storage for you and your family. With our prices and locations, you can’t go wrong with StorageBlue. We have storage facilities from Staten Island to Teaneck, and our customers come from all over the New York metropolitan area to rent storage units. 

Our StorageBlue location in Staten Island can be easily accessed by anyone coming from New Jersey, Brooklyn, or Queens. We knew the Grasmere area needed cheap self-storage and we love seeing our clients take advantage of their storage units. Don’t miss out on getting your year off to a good start and contact us today.

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