Things To Consider Renting A 5x10 Storage Unit

By usmanidrees

Things To Consider Renting A 5x10 Storage Unit

Deciding to rent a storage unit can be an exciting decision. It gives you the opportunity to free up space at home by using another location to store your belongings. Both residents and business owners in New York and New Jersey are constantly looking for affordable storage solutions which is why it’s common to rent a storage unit.

You’ve probably heard a ton of good and bad things about renting a storage unit, but we’re sure with our storage tips you’ll finish this article ready to rent a storage unit at StorageBlue. If you can’t afford a large office or a bigger apartment, then a storage unit is the next best option for you. Renting a 5x10 storage unit can be a great choice for families or entrepreneurs. All you must do is ask yourself these questions beforehand if you’re interested in renting a 5x10 storage unit.


Exactly how big is a 5x10 storage unit?

The best way to understand the size of a 5x10 storage unit is to visualize and compare it to another space you’re familiar with. For comparison, a 5x10 storage unit is like a walk-in closet you might have in your bedroom. Since it’s 10 feet in length, it’s deeper and still has a good height for stacking. 


How many boxes can fit inside a 5x10 storage unit?

If you plan on storing a lot of boxes, then this is an important question. We recommend sticking with one size box if possible so that you can fit about 20 large boxes inside your storage unit. Sometimes when you have boxes in a variety of sizes packing them in can be tricky. 


Is a 5x10 storage unit good for large furniture?

Storing furniture typically requires you to use more space. While a 5x5 unit could work, a 5x10 storage unit allows you to place larger items inside. For example, you can store a queen-size mattress, coffee table, small dresser, or TV stand all inside your 5x10 storage unit.


How should you pack a 5x10 storage unit?

Experts always suggest the best way to store items is vertical. It makes more sense to build up and take advantage of stacking rather than laying everything out flat. You can place the heavy boxes at the bottom as a foundation and build everything up from there. If needed, you can even add shelving to the walls of your storage unit to hang any lighter items. 


What fits in my 5x10 storage unit?

Most people using a 5x10 storage unit are looking to store a variety of items. At StorageBlue, we always tell our customers that a 5x10 storage unit is great for a mid-sized one-bedroom. That means you can store anything from small office equipment to toys and lawn equipment.


Can a 5x10 storage unit have drive-up access?

The answer to this question is yes. If you’re looking for an outdoor storage unit, they do come in the size 5x10. Some people prefer a drive-up storage unit because of its easy access. You can load items directly from your car to your storage unit without the hassle of getting them inside. The only thing to be aware of and remember is that an outdoor unit isn’t as protected from extreme weather compared to an indoor storage unit. 


Does StorageBlue have a 5x10 storage unit?

Of course, we do! At StorageBlue, each of our locations has storage units in various sizes all waiting for you. Our staff is happy to help guide you and give you storage tips on which storage unit will work best for your needs. Don’t waste any more time searching for a cheap storage unit in New Jersey. Store your belongings with StorageBlue if you’re looking for an affordable and secure storage unit in the tri-state area.

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