Using Self-Storage For A Cross Country Move In 2023

By usmanidrees

Using Self-Storage For A Cross Country Move In 2023

Deciding to start off the year with a cross-country move is a great way to bring in the year with some change and excitement. While it requires a lot of planning, it can also be a fun experience. There are so many great places to live in the United States, but there’s something about New York that really draws people in. From the culture to the job opportunities, all five boroughs have cool things to offer, and it would make sense why more people are moving to the city. A storage unit can help prepare you for the journey ahead for a big cross-country move.

Are you ready to start packing and preparing for your cross-country relocation to Staten Island? If you’re new to New York City, why not rent a storage unit near Grasmere as you get settled in? Keep reading to find out why renting a self-storage unit can be useful for cross-country movers.


It helps streamline the process

A storage unit gives you another option for a place to keep your belongings. If you’re moving from across the country, you might have a lot of stuff since, after all, you are picking up your entire life to move across the country. Anything that you didn’t have a chance to throw away, sell, or donate can easily be stored in your storage unit. Consider it a great middle ground as you get settled in and gain a clear picture of what items really matter and belong in your home.


You’ll be more motivated to pack like a pro

If you’re skipping the movers and doing the packing yourself, make sure you take the time to pack with care. While packing can be time-consuming, it’s always worth putting in the extra work, especially for a big move. It can be helpful to invest in nicer boxes and packaging even if your items are only going into a storage unit. Depending on how often you plan on visiting your storage unit, you should make sure everything is wrapped up properly. Don’t waste time having to repack things later if you can focus on getting it done initially.


Prevent clutter in your new home

Who doesn’t want a clutter-free home? What better way to work towards that than after a big move? It’s the perfect time to reorganize and prioritize your belongings. Having a storage unit can help stop your home from being filled with items you aren’t using. Just because it was in your previous home doesn’t mean it will have the same place here. Don’t allow your home to fill up with piles of toys and clothes, just store them in your StorageBlue unit instead.


Help get adjusted to your new coast

Moving from the west coast to the east coast is a big adjustment. Between the cost of living and the lifestyle, there are many things that make the two coasts night and day. For example, if you’re moving from California to the Grasmere neighborhood, you’ll be wearing a very different wardrobe. So, what will you do with your summer clothing? Of course, if you still want to hold onto it the best place to keep it would be your storage unit. Especially during the beginning of the year when it’s cold and you know you won’t be wearing it.

If you’re moving across the country and looking for an affordable self-storage facility in Staten Island, then check our StorageBlue in Grasmere. We’re known for offering our customers low prices for the best storage units around. Start off the year feeling lighter and excited about your cross-country move. Don’t let stress get the best of you. If you can afford to rent a storage unit for extra space, then we highly recommend it.

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