Best Unpacking Hacks For Your Union City Apartment

By usmanidrees

Best Unpacking Hacks For Your Union City Apartment 

Who does not love a good hack? Especially when it comes to unpacking. Many of us spend so much time dreading the packing process that we neglect to think about how hassle-free it can possibly be. You made it through the packing storm having to figure out all the logistics, so now onto the next part. 

If you follow these steps, you will have a smooth and easy unpacking process allowing you to focus on your new Union City apartment.


Capture Photos Before Packing

If you have a room or area in your home that has the perfect setup, snap a picture to help you recreate this setup in your new home. Reference photos can be extremely useful especially when it comes to organizing and decorating your bookshelves, living room, and desk area.


Create An Organized Packing System

Pack like a pro by getting organized from the start and figuring out your packing system. Using Post-it notes, colored markers, and tape are some of our favorite moving supplies that will make packing a breeze. If you use these supplies to organize, then by the time you get to your new home you will save time and prevent having to go through all of your stuff in a frenzy!


Pick Your First Room To Unpack

Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to unpack all your boxes in one week. Instead, target two rooms like your bedroom and bathroom which will make the process more manageable. Besides, those are the two rooms you will be accessing the most besides your kitchen so you will want things to be in order there first.

If you want to unload some of your belongings after you finish unpacking, give us a call! A storage unit will provide you with extra space for your stuff and leave you room to grow into your new home. Trust us, you will not regret getting a storage unit with us!

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