Reducing Clutter Before Moving Day in Newark NJ

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Reducing Clutter Before Moving Day in Newark NJ

Moving gives you an opportunity to have a fresh start and get rid of any clutter you do not wish to bring into your new home in Newark NJ. It is a great opportunity to use this clean slate to reorganize and curate your new home to cater to your needs.

Leave the clutter in the past where it belongs, or bring it to a storage unit. From extra toys in the garage to old clothing you may be holding onto, shifting items into a self-storage space will have you feeling lighter and less stressed about moving day.

Let us help you get those extra items off your hands by following these suggestions on how to reduce clutter in your home.


Seasonal Items

Chances are you have some extra items that you do not use all year ‘round that are being stored in your home. Save yourself the space in your new home by bringing any holiday decorations, bulky winter clothing, travel gear, or sports equipment to your personal storage unit.


Antiques and Décor

While we may love to hold onto our parents’ hand-me-downs and keepsakes, sometimes we fail to realize how much space these items take up. Storing them in an attic or basement risks them being exposed to weather conditions that could ultimately cause damage. A temperature-controlled storage facility is a perfect place to preserve your valuable precious belongings.


Extra Furniture

If you are downsizing, bringing all your furniture may not be ideal. Maybe you are not ready to make the commitment to sell or give away these pieces, so why not store them away for future use? Items like dining room tables, extra chairs, or tables can always be easily relocated back into your home should you decide you need them.

If you are looking to live a clutter-free life in your new home then these steps will help you get there. And if you need help getting a storage unit, give us a call, we would love to get you information on your future unit!  Our storage advisors can assist you with choosing which storage unit size will best fit your needs.  We’ll also assist you with ensuring that we make the entire process as simple as possible.  We offer free curbside pickup or, for an additional fee we can arrange for movers to come and do all of the heavy liftings for you.  Regardless, we’re sure to be able to find the best solution for you. 

Reserve your storage unit today!


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