Mistakes Homeowners Make During Renovation

By usmanidrees

Mistakes Homeowners Make During Renovation

Making renovations to your home is a huge project. From deciding on your renovation design to finding the right vendors to purchase materials from, the journey to creating your dream home doesn’t always come with clear directions. Yes, the thought of remodelling sounds great but it’s the planning process that often catches people off, guard. The bigger the projects, the more sometimes people tend to underestimate exactly how much work it takes to get home renovations done. 

There are so many mistakes homeowners run the risk of making while renovating their homes. Although we’re no experts, we want to help you avoid making some of those same mistakes. If you discovered this article, then you’re already on the right track! These are the top four things we see homeowners make a mistake on when it comes to renovating their Staten Island home.  


Not renovating as soon as you move in

One of the best times to renovate your home is as soon as you move in so if you’re reading this before move-in day, hear us out. We know moving is stressful enough, but do you know what’s even more stressful? Getting settled in your new home then rearrange everything to prepare for renovations. So, before you have a chance to get settled in, it makes sense to take care of any renovations before you move everything in. We know this may not necessarily be an option for everyone, so another alternative is going room by room instead. Using a timeline to spread out your renovations rather than doing it all at once might be more manageable for families. 


Not planning accordingly

There are so many questions to ask yourself before planning your dream renovation. Where will I store my belongings? How long will this process take? The more you think ahead, the better you’ll be prepared. You can’t predict everything that’s going to happen along the way but you can try your best to anticipate what’s to come. It’s important to think about these things in advance so that you aren’t stressed and scrambling once renovations begin. The good thing is you can always book a storage unit at any time in the process. Our Staten Island StorageBlue facility is here waiting whenever you’re ready.


Not doing enough research

The key to a successful renovation is doing your research. You’ll be researching everything from contractors to cleaning solutions. There’s a lot to get familiar with when it comes to renovating so don’t waste any time jumping right in. As you’re researching storage units near Staten Island, you’ll probably come across StorageBlue. As one of the most affordable storage facilities in New York County, our customers know we’re the best in the area. We can help you if you need a short-term or a long-term storage unit during your renovations.


Not using a self-storage unit

A storage unit is one of the best temporary storage solutions during renovations. There aren’t any long contracts involved, and the great thing is if you enjoy using your unit during renovations you can keep renting it for as long as you want. That’s the beauty of having a storage unit, it provides you with options. It’s a great backup plan and location to store your belongings to keep them from getting lost or damaged during a long renovation process. 

If you’re a Staten Island home or business owner preparing for renovations, we have the perfect space for you to store your belongings. Our StorageBlue facility located on Greenfield Avenue has indoor and outdoor units depending on what you need. StorageBlue is still here to provide you with top-of-the-line service that you can’t get anywhere else. Visit our Staten Island facility and see more for yourself today.

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