The Best Ways To Make Use Of Your Storage Unit

By usmanidrees

The Best Ways To Make Use Of Your Storage Unit

Are you making the most of your storage unit? Does it feel like you’re outgrowing your unit faster than expected? Sometimes all that means is it’s time to give your storage unit some attention. There’s nothing wrong with a little refresh, especially as we’re headed into a new season. You’d be surprised how much extra space you could have if you made a few small tweaks in how you store your items.

If you’re going to spend the money renting a storage unit, then make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Anyone who has a beach house near West Long Branch might be ready to unload all their summer items. Whether you’ve had your unit for a while or you’re a new storage renter, keep reading to find out how you can make the best of your storage unit.


Make sure you have an inventory list

Knowing what’s inside your storage unit is very important. As you’re first moving in, figure out the best system to keep your things in order. Believe it or not, you can easily lose track of what you have in your storage unit. You’ll have much more peace of mind if you walk into your unit knowing exactly where everything is instead of having to dig through all your belongings. While you’re packing up your items for your West Long Branch storage unit, make categories based on room and try your best to keep them together. You can create whatever system works best for you as long as you make sure you stick to it.


Break everything down first

Since moving can be so time-consuming, you might think about taking shortcuts just to get everything done quickly. Maybe you don’t feel like taking apart your headboard, and you just want to throw it in your storage unit instead. We encourage you to really try to resist the urge if you can because, in the long run, you’re only creating more work for yourself. Make sure you disassemble furniture like beds, tables, chairs, and appliances so that you can save space. Large furniture will be much easier to store if you can break them down as much as possible.


Choose the right size box

It might be tempting to purchase boxes in all shapes and sizes, but did you know it’s best to just stick with one size? If you have to choose one, we always suggest using medium boxes because they’re versatile. Small boxes can seem like a waste, while the challenge of a larger box is how heavy they can become as you fill them. Do you need boxes? StorageBlue can help with that! At our West Long Branch location, you can count on us as a supplier for you to purchase your moving supplies. From boxes to tape and a lock for your storage, we have everything our customers need.


It’s all about vertical storage

Using vertical storage is an incredible hack we love to suggest. You save so much room if you focus on building your belongings up rather than across. That’s why we love to see our customers who have shelves in their storage units. Not only are they affordable, but they can come in handy by saving you space on the floor. Shelves are also great for lightweight items like hats, supplies, and blankets.

Now is the perfect time to rent a storage unit if you’re looking. Summer is ending, and as we transition to a new season, having a storage unit can be helpful. At StorageBlue in West Long Branch, our storage facility on Route 36 is easy to access and secure and has storage units in all different sizes.

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