How To Store Clothes In A Storage Unit

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How To Store Clothes In A Storage Unit

We don’t all have the luxury of having a spacious closet to store all our clothes for every season. This is especially common in many apartments and dorms. Not all your clothes will be able to fit in your home at once. You may be frustrated and running out of storage solutions, and we have a great way to solve your problem. You can free up more space in your home by moving your clothes to a storage unit.

If you’re rotating out season clothes, moving into a smaller home, or saving clothes for vintage purposes, extra space is a necessity. Don’t stress yourself out trying to find space at home. You can prevent your closet and drawers from filling up with clothes spilling out by getting a storage unit.


Wash Your Clothes First

To truly stay organized, preparation is everything. Even if you’re not planning to wear these clothes anytime soon, you’ll want to make sure everything is clean by removing existing stains. This will protect your clothes from being damaged or causing issues with your storage unit. The last thing you want to do is worry about odors that can attract pests.


Use A Wardrobe Box

Once your clothes are clean, you won’t want them to get wrinkled and damaged. With a wardrobe box, the box is designed to give you more space to keep your clothes on hangers. They’re extremely convenient and a must-have for storing suits, dresses, and delicate garments.

Not only will this save you time, but it will also save you room in your storage unit. It’s more efficient to have 1-2 wardrobe boxes rather than having a pile of boxes filled with your clothes. The process is as simple as walking your clothes over from your closet into the box.


Plastic Bins Work Great

Depending on how often you’ll need access to your clothes, it’s good to determine an easy way to know what’s inside. A great way to do that is by using clear plastic bins. This is great for purses, scarves, shoes, and other accessories that you can need to quickly identify.

Clear storage is a great way to stay organized. Trips to your storage unit will be quick and efficient by knowing exactly where everything is. All you must do is peak through your bins, spot what you need, grab it, and go.


Add Extra Shelves

Most storage units don’t include anything inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes. People often use racks or shelves as another way to organize their clothes. Make room for your hats, boxes, and other items with additional shelves in your unit.

Have you heard the trick about vertical storage? It’s a major organization hack, especially for clothes. Keep your piles of boxes to a minimum by taking advantage of using shelves. Storing items on the wall and off the ground will help keep things protected and organized at the same time.


Keep The Bugs Away

As much as we hate the smell of mothballs, we know the importance of having to keep your clothes from getting destroyed by bugs. Instead of using mothballs, having cedar chips on hand will keep the bugs away. They’re a great option for keeping your clothes protected without the awful smell.


Prepare To Refold

Depending on how often you’ll be swapping out clothes, you’ll have to make sure you maintain them. To keep your clothes in the best condition possible, it’s suggested to refold your clothes every year. You don’t want your clothes getting permanent marks from folding so this extra step is worth it. If you’ll be rotating your clothes out often then you won’t have to worry about refolding.

By the time you’re done with this process, your clothes will be ready for your storage unit. If you live in the tri-state area then StorageBlue is a great location to consider. We are the cheapest storage facility in New Jersey with locations in Jersey City, Hoboken, Garfield, Union City, Newark, and more to come.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities have everything you need. From storage supplies to U-Haul rentals, we do what we can to make moving into your storage unit as smooth as possible. That’s why we also offer contactless pickup services to make the transition as smooth as possible. Check us out online, by phone, or in-person to learn more about our self-storage services and take advantage of the offer of your first month free.

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